Privacy Empowered

We understand the need for companies to protect privileged communications without sacrificing the ease and convenience of the most popular communication apps today.

Unfortunately, in an effort to keep teams productive, unencrypted connections and personal device usage has left a trail of vulnerabilities that should never exist in an industry dealing with sensitive information.

Company conversations kept secure

When we say secure, not only do we mean that nobody is listening in, but all those texts and voice conversations can all be stored on your servers – to search, mine, and utilize. If data is the gold of this generation, don’t give up your claim on your data.

  • Two-layers of encryption keep all in-app communications secure.
  • Encrypted back-end storage
  • Store data on-premise or in the cloud, either way, it’s yours to keep

Unlimited Calling and Texting

Securely communicate with the contacts in your groups via text and calls.

Create Custom Groups

Groups of contacts can be created for the organization as a whole or on an individual basis. This allows users to easily access contacts within each individual group that they are a part of.