If you are like us, the Covid-19 pandemic has opened your eyes to how critical secure communication is, and as a provider of secure communications to the Department of Defense for the last 20 years we felt obligated to provide a solution for you. (Although our product was being built for the DoD and was in a late “beta” stage of development we decided to make it available for businesses now because of the need to communicate securely, especially with employees working remotely. The interface may still be a bit clunky, but the security is fully baked.)


We know and understand that during these unprecedented times you had to make quick decisions on which communication tools to use to keep your teams functioning, but now after seeing the clear lack of security that most of these platforms have, we think it is time for you to come join our beta and keep your privileged communications secure.


The security issues surrounding our communication devices that have been exposed by the Coronavirus aren’t going away, but we can solve it for you with our communication app backed by military grade security.